Jun 4, 2018

FREE Sample of an Invisible Hearing Aid

Get a FREE Sample of an Invisible Hearing Aid.
These non-working samples are for fit & feel only.
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The hearing aid that’s changing the hearing aid industry.
Today over 50 million Americans suffer from some form of hearing loss. Surprisingly less than two in ten do something about it. Often it comes down to cost, comfort and convenience of owning traditional hearing aids. But the number one reason is denial. People just don’t think their hearing loss justifies wearing a clunky piece of hardware behind their ear, telegraphing they have hearing issues.
Eargo is on a mission to change all that by creating remarkable hearing aids that addresses all these issues. From a low cost direct-to-consumer model to the unprecedented comfort Flexi Fibers provide to the truly invisibility profile, there’s simply nothing else out there that does it all. At Eargo we believes you should want to wear a hearing aid not have to wear one..

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