FREE Supplies From School Choice

To Get a FREE Supplies From School Choice, select parents/supporters and get supplies that include yellow fleece scarves, signs, and more.
National School Choice Week is a time to raise awareness about opportunity in education. You can plan any type of event, meeting, or activity to shine a positive spotlight on different education options. To help maximize your participation in National School Choice Week, we are happy to send you free supplies. Individuals, schools, homeschool groups and families, chambers of commerce, and other organizations can receive free yellow fleece scarves, signs, and more to celebrate. Participation in National School Choice Week is free, and signing up to receive supplies is free, too. However, supplies are limited.

Fill out your information and receive free supplies from National School Choice Week, which include yellow fleece scarves, signs, lapel stickers, and more!

You can receive a box of free supplies to help raise awareness and celebrate National School Choice Week. How you use these supplies is completely up to you.
The first step is to fill out the form below, so that you can receive your free box including following supplies:

  • 5 yellow fleece scarves
  • placards
  • poster
  • stickers
  • brochure and more!

Please note that the supplies are completely free. There are no dues, subscriptions, fees, or other payments required. Supplies are offered on a first come, first serve basis, and supplies are limited to one box per household. You may be required to confirm your request in the next several months, by e-mail..

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