FREE Amino Energy Drink

Check your areas and see if the amazon treasure truck is available in your area and if so you can score a free Amino Energy Drink.
At Treasure Truck, we hand-pick our favorite new, trending, local, or delicious items, load them on the Truck, then cruise around town spreading joy for everyone with a smartphone and an appetite for fun. Every time you swing by the Truck, you’ll find something new to enjoy, like games, giveaways, tasty treats, and other surprises.. How do I buy from Treasure Truck?

If it’s an offer day, all you need is an iPhone or Android. If you have the Amazon app, you can find Treasure Truck in the main menu under “Programs and Features”. When you’re ready to buy, simply tap “I want this,” choose your pickup location, and come pick up your treasure! Or, from your mobile browser, navigate to, tap “Treasure Truck” in the main menu, and proceed from there.

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