Sep 11, 2018

FREE Bag of Hope

Claim a FREE Bag of Hope.

The Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance Bag of Hope is made available FREE of charge to women of Georgia who have been diagnosed and begun treatment for ovarian cancer within the past 12 months. Please complete and submit the following request form to ensure the Bag of Hope is getting to the correct individuals. The bag includes a water bottle, journal and pen, tote bag, DVD, blanket, wristbands and more.

In 1998, a group of Atlanta women met each other at the St. Joseph’s Gynecological Cancer Support Group.  All ovarian cancer survivors with different stories to share, they began pooling their energies and passions with the intent to bring awareness of ovarian cancer and early detection to the forefront of women’s health issues.  The first step was to educate Georgia’s women, their families and their healthcare providers about the risks, symptoms and treatments of ovarian cancer.

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