PetSmart Cat Cash Fever Litter Sifting Promotion on September 8th

Here is a fun little offer from Petsmart. You will have to go in to the store for this one, its kind of a freebie / sweepstakes hybrid and it looks like pretty much everyone is going to win! on September 8th between 12-3pm head over to your local Petsmart. Once there here are the steps:

STEP 1: FIRST, visit the Cat Cash Fever Event table during the Promotion Period at your local participating PetSmart store during the Promotion Period.

STEP 2: THEN ask a PetSmart associate to play the litter sifting game for a Prize Coin during the Promotion Period. Limit one Prize Coin per person.

Once you get your prize coin, you will then see what you won, here are the prizes :

  • 1,495 winners – Great Choice® or ExquisiCat® cat litter, 35-42 lb.
  • 1,495 winners – Litter Genie™ cat litter disposal pail
  • 4,495 winners – Simply Nourish® cat food, 3-3.5 lb. bag
  • 15,220 winners – Grreat Choice® jerky cat treat 3 count or 7 count
  • 15,220 winners – Simply Nourish® cat food can, 3 oz.
  • 15,220 winners – Instinct® Raw Boost Mixer, 0.5 oz.

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