FREE Easter Basket Items

I found this really cool app that gives you a free gift card every 30 days. I was a little skeptical at first so I researched it, The app is owned by Nielsen, a survey company that measures U.S. public opinion. Basically they want to see what products Amazon users purchase. So it’s no sneaky business, they just want to know what you are buying so they can create data based on this information.

  1. CLICK HERE and sign up for a free account and complete the registration page.
  2. Take quick survey (4 questions) to see if you qualify (you need an Amazon account to qualify).
  3. Install the app and Use the app to login to Amazon account  (THAT IS IT!).
  4. If you want, repeat the process using a different device to earn even more money. You can sign up for a new free Amazon Account  HERE or if you have prime you can add someone to your account (2 users per account) After you do that, start at step one CLICK HERE and do the process all over again using the new Amazon account info and a different device.
  5. You will receive a free $3 gift card in your inbox every month!! You can use the $3 gift card to purchase items off amazon. By Easter you should have earned $9 which is enough for some items to put in your kids Easter Basket!

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