FREE Pregnancy Adoption Kit

Claim a FREE Pregnancy Adoption Kit.

Each kit contains :

Free copy of So I Was Thinking About Adoption…Considering Your Choices & matching bookmark
Fun beauty gift
Copy of the Lifetime Magazine
“What Are My Choices?” brochure
“Birthmother Blessings” brochure
Pregnancy newsletter tailored to your pregnancy month
“The Steps to Adoption” packet

The mission was and still is to help families and birthmothers come together.  Lifetime’s specialty is assisting and supporting birthparents in their search to find qualified Christian adoptive families.  With the assistance of the Internet, Lifetime is able to provide adoption services and bring together prospective adoptive families and birthparents from all over the U.S. and military families overseas!

On average, Lifetime receives 300 phone calls daily and is available for emergencies 24-hours a day. Over the years, Lifetime has become known for its caring and genuine concern for birthmothers’ well-being before and after adoption.

Lifetime has a national outreach program to educate the public and professionals about the benefits of adoption.  Lifetime welcomes the media to call upon us for our expertise and to answer any questions on adoption-related issues.

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