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When was the last time you feasted on pizza without worrying? Or dug into lasagna without a smidgen of discomfort? Well, tada! The time has come. This cheese is totally lactose free and the real deal.

You might wonder how Green Valley Creamery made it taste so good. Well for over fifty years, Redwood Hill Farm, a small female founded company in Sonoma County, CA, has led the charge to bring the great alternative dairy to communities across the country. In 2010, they set out on a mission: to create a dairy that everyone could eat. Alas, Green Valley Creamery, their lactose-free dairy brand was born.

They kept the rich, real dairy flavor of their other products, and cut out the lactose. They kept their commitment to dairy in its purest form and nixed the bloat. And they lost no time extending they product lines. Yogurt, kefir, and sour cream paved the way for their tasty cream cheese, sour cream, butter, cottage cheese and now CHEESE! The full line of Green Valley Creamery Lactose-Free Cheeses is here. Available in 10  varieties, all their cheeses are:
  • High quality, delicious, clean label
  • Made with lactose-free, rBST-free milk
  • FODMAP Friendly certified

Their lactose-free cheese tastes and melts just like the very best real dairy cheese because it is. Give it a try.

Offer valid for the following varieties: Mild Cheddar Shredded, Mozzarella Shredded, 3-Cheese Mexican Blend Shredded, Cheddar Sliced, American Sliced, Pepper Jack Sliced.

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