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Introducing Bob's Red Mill Signature Baking Mixes! Everyone loves baked goods from scratch, but not everyone has the time. Therefore, their premium baking mixes are made with pantry staples you would reach for yourself.

The keys to homemade perfection?

Bob’s Signature Blends: The secret to scratch-quality results—every time—is a custom blend of four Bob’s Red Mill premium flours expertly blended to create light, tender, moist baked goods.

Homemade Taste Is In the Mix: They've premeasured and mixed their top-shelf ingredients, so you can create irresistibly fudgy, gooey brownies in less than an hour—without sacrificing quality or flavor.

Simple, Recognizable Ingredients: Bob's Signature Blends are crafted with our trusted, high-quality ingredients, without fillers or preservatives—just add eggs, butter or oil, and water!

Make It Your Own: Unleash your creativity and create your own signature masterpiece with extras like nut butter, pretzels, raspberry sauce, or whatever you dream up next.

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