FREE Keep Girls Safe Buttons

Fill out the form, and we will send your buttons in the next 4-8 weeks! 

We will send you TWO buttons! One to keep and one to give to someone else! 

Our goal is to start conversation about the girls in Thailand who are vulnerable to exploitation and need a safe place to call home.

Show the world that you are not afraid to represent the unrepresented! 

Post a photo on social media to represent the girls and tag #KeepGirlsSafe!

About Keep Girls Safe:

The Keep Girls Safe program was established by ADRA Thailand in 2004 as a result of the human trafficking dilemma which many marginalized, ethnic minorities face. Young girls have found security and well-being through ADRA's Keep Girls Safe program. They have found an opportunity to be a kid, get an education, and when age appropriate, enter a fair work program for a brighter future.

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