Free Xendurance Focus Sticks

Get a Free Xendurance Focus Sticks.

Focus is unlike any nootropic on the market, including full gras FDA approved and USP certified Alpha-GPC, AlphaSize® Alpha-GPC is the only nootropic on the market to cross the blood brain barrier enhancing the uptake and efficacy of Focus.

  • AlphaSize® Alpha-GPC - Helps maintain and improve memory, concentration, focus & helps to increase peak force & power output, strength & agility* 
  • Beet Root Powder - Promotes improved natural energy and stamina*
  • Natural Green Tea Extract + L-Theanine - Combination promotes heightened focus, awareness, energy and mental endurance
  • L-Tyrosine - Supports learning, memory, and alertness*
  • Naturally flavored, no added sugars - Dragon Fruit 
  • Informed-Sport & Informed-Choice Certified**

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