Free Danone Activia Nourish Your Hustle Party Kit - Ripple Street

Apply to host a Danone Activia Nourish Your Hustle Party or Chatterbuy with Ripple Street!

You could be 1 of 366 people chosen to get a FREE Danone Activia Nourish Your Hustle Party Kit with Ripple Street. 

We’ve got a gut feeling you’re going to like this one. Activia Dailies are an easy and delicious way to enjoy your daily probiotics. And you know what they say – it all begins in your gut! A great addition to your active lifestyle and wellness routine that goes with you.

There are two ways to experience this event—House Party or Chatterbuy—so choose your preference wisely. 
  • Wanna throw an epic gathering with 5+ people? 33 selected participants will receive a pack full of goodies to host your own backyard games fueled by Activia.  
  • Would you rather keep this one to yourself and your household? 333 selected participants for the Chatterbuy will receive a gift card to pick Activia Dailies drinkable yogurt at their local store and try it at home.   
Selected event participants will be asked to write a review and share photos from their experience. Apply now!

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